Outside Sales

Below you can find our sales team contacts with representatives divided into their respective regions. Contact information, including email and phone numbers, are available for our team members. If you’d like to speak with a sales representative but don’t know who to contact, just fill out the Request Product Information form and a representative will be in touch.

Asia / Australia

  • Frank Vandermeer Amerex International

Asia, Middle East, Qatar, & Special International Projects

  • Larry Jones ENV SP Sales Manager - Ductile Iron Pipe Projects McWane International +1 410-271-9833

Europe / Scandanavia / North Africa

  • Martin Snell Amerex International

Latin America & The Caribbean

  • Andres Gonzalez Projects Manager - Latin America McWane International +57 300-555-1050
  • Bill Silva Director of Sales - Latin America & The Caribbean McWane International +1 832-349-8797
  • John Nino Vice President - Latin America & the Caribbean McWane International - Amerex International +1 954-384-1763

Middle East / Caspian Sea / Asian Subcontinent - India, Bangledesh, & Pakistan

  • John Parker Amerex International

Middle East & Africa

  • John McCreary Vice President McWane International +1 626-327-1438